Have you always had an interest in property and the building industry?

Do you want to be able to do building inspections in Adelaide?

Do you want a career that will enable you to use a variety of different skills whilst also helping people to spot major issues with properties before they purchase them?

Becoming a building inspector requires hard work and a good level of experience, yet it can bring huge rewards and with the ever growing number of people buying homes it’s a job that will continue to be needed.

What Does a Building Inspector Do?

 A building inspector will inspect a building that is due to be purchased in order to alert the potential buyer to the actual condition of the building.

They will be able to offer advice and information about the state of key structural features such as walls, ceilings and doors. A Building Inspector will look out for anything that could cause the buyer to either withdraw or decrease their offer – such as termite infestation or serious damp issues.

They will also identify if there are any issues with skylight installation or roofing restoration issues.

Building inspection checklist

Want To Qualify As A Building Inspector?

There are no formal regulations regarding who can qualify as a Building Inspector, however the most successful inspectors will have completed a respected program from a reputable institution which is often entitled Building Inspector Training.

Most of these courses require potential inspectors to have at least a high school diploma – with a specialization in science and/or maths being seen as favourable.

As well as official training, the best building inspectors will have experience of both the construction industry and the real estate world. They may have been project managers on building sites and should have an understanding on the basics of aspects such as surveying, building codes and contractual law.

Skills To Help You Qualify As A Building Inspector

  • Attention to Detail
  • Good Verbal Communication Skills
  • Ability to write detailed and comprehensive reports
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness
  • Efficient and Assertive
  • Polite and Well Mannered