Did you employ a Building Inspector to look at your potential new home before buying it?

Did you feel as though you didn’t really obtain any useful information or were being given a report that was vague and could have been applied to any building in town?

Building Inspections are often a vital part of the purchasing process, however if you feel as though you’ve had a dodgy one you may have got unlucky.

Unfortunately, there are some poorly trained or unreliable inspectors out there.

The Building Inspection

Think about the inspection itself. Were you pre-warned what would be included in the inspection and what wouldn’t be? It’s important for a good inspection to be carried out in all areas of your home so not checking areas such as the roof, walls, doors and windows thoroughly is a real tell tale sign that things weren’t as they should have been.

How long did the inspection last? If it was over in a matter of minutes, the chances are you had an inspector who didn’t take his time to uncover everything you needed to know and sadly you may have been short changed.

The Report

Use the report that you received from your building inspection as a starting point on deciding whether or not the money you spent was worth it. There’s no doubt that all reports should be specifically written for your exact property therefore if any of the contents look copied or generic, alarm bells should ring.

Think also about how quickly you got the report. If the inspection was only short and the report took weeks to come through, it sounds like you had an inspector who could have wasted both your time and money.

The Building Inspector

Sadly in most parts of Australia there are relatively few regulations in place to decide who can and can’t operate as a Building Inspector. The best way to find a good one is to ask friends and family for recommendations or seek out excellent reviews online.

Was your inspector polite, happy to both talk and listen, reliable, efficient and helpful? There’s no reason why your building inspector shouldn’t have been – the very best ones know that the potential purchase of a new home is a big deal and are patient and understanding to all customers.